Suddenly Texan

I live in the same state as this man. That is a good thing.

I live in the same state as this man and that is a good thing.

Two weeks ago we lived in a sweet apartment on the 21st floor overlooking all of the big buildings in Boston’s financial district. Now we live in a sweet apartment that overlooks a dog run in the Uptown/West Village section of Dallas; the home to an eclectic mix of young self-entitled professionals who tend to bring out my more judgemental side. Perhaps I am judgemental because they are in their optimistic self-centered twenties whereas  I am in my more cynical late-thirties. Either way I am not in my social comfort zone as of yet, but I have high hopes for our time here in Texas and I am sure we will settle into our niche very soon – we’ve already made friends with a number of bartenders so things are looking up.

I contemplated writing about how different Dallas is from Boston or how I am having a hard time adjusting to the friggin’ heat but I assume my reader(s) can already guess that Massachusetts and Texas are exponentially different,  and they also don’t need to know  how to dress so as not to show off the fact they are dripping with sweat – by the way – dry heat my ass. What I would like to convey with this short post is that we are Texans (or is it Texians) now and that many of my future posts are going to showcase our exploration of this massive state. Now where do I start?

If you have any Texas travel secrets, favorite restaurants, favorite tourist traps, or anything else Texas related that I should see please feel free to comment.

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