Bluebonnets at Dawn

So the universe dealt us a nasty wind and a low cloud deck today for our early morning bluebonnet shoot near Bristol, TX. For those of you who aren’t photographically inclined this meant that our long exposure shots were blurry because of the wind shaking the camera/tripod and the flowers. After doing a lot of complaining about conditions, as photographers are apt to do, we managed to get a few good shots as it got lighter – Here they are.


A dash of vignette here, a bump of contrast there, and Bob's your uncle.

A dash of vignette here, a bump of contrast there, and Bob’s your uncle.

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Spring Flowers

A good friend of mine, and fellow WordPress blogger, has talked me into getting up before dawn tomorrow in order to shoot a field of bluebonnets as the sun rises. I am neither a flower guy nor a morning person, but I will jump at any chance to get into the country and shoot something new. In preparation for the shoot I took a walk along the banks of Turtle Creek here in Uptown Dallas and shot every flower I could find. Here are a few of the better ones. I have not looked up the names of any of the flowers here but you, the reader, can let me know what they are if you feel so inclined. Enjoy.


It looks like a forest floor but it’s actually about twenty feet from a four lane thruway.

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