Chinese New Year

Renmin Road near midnight.

Renmin Road near midnight.

Chinese New Years day was last Thursday, the 19th of February. Much like new years celebrations in the west the night before is a time to gather with friends and family so we can eat, drink, and set shit on fire in the streets at midnight. Ok, so maybe we don’t set off tons of explosives in the streets on New Years Eve in the west, but we should really think about doing it from now on because it is awesome. Our personal celebration was pretty low-key compared to the locals. We had a late nap, a nice big dinner, tacos I think – very Chinese, and sat around waiting for midnight to come so we could grab the cameras and hit the streets looking for action. We didn’t go far because our hotel, as well as many in the district, had fireworks displays of their own – and by fireworks displays I mean they block off a section of the main road in town, The People’s Road, set out scores of boxes containing 20-50 mortars apiece, and then light them up at the stroke of 00:00. Continue reading

Afield in China


Greetings to those of you who still follow this blog. I apologize for the lack of posts but, like a Jedi, I have been working to master my crafts in seclusion near my home in the southern US since last April. While there have been a few adventures worth writing about since April I have resisted either because I am lazy or, well, I just wasn’t in the mood to share. However, that is about to change folks because last month my wife, Blondie, and I sold most of our belongings, put the rest in storage, and packed our bags for China. As I write this I am sitting at a desk with a view on an upper floor of a residential hotel in the northeastern city of Dalian. The reason we are here is because my wife is smart and hardworking and willing to take on positions that sit way outside of her comfort level, and, luckily for me, she brought me along for the ride. In short, I married well. I know you may be asking yourself at this point what I am going to do while in country; I am going to explore and write and take pictures of cool stuff and give Blondie all the support she needs on her new endeavor. Also, I am going to fill this here blog with interesting stories so that you can read it while you are avoiding responsibilities of your own. Continue reading