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Update From The East Side

Good morning everyone. I had grand plans to fill you all in on a rather trying flight we took recently from Hong Kong to Dalian, but since I am on day two of a two-day hangover it came out sounding forced and contained to many curse words. I had Blondie (who is also on day two) give it a once over to make sure I wasn’t being hard on myself and her only comment was that it wasn’t funny – not a terribly glowing review. I am going to put it aside for now and join it up with a summary of our Christmas trip to Europe, which I will get to you soon. In the meantime I’d like to show you a few photos I have been working on – sort of an appetizer for you, the loyal and or bored reader.


It is about Chinese New Year and that means it is strawberry season. The local Jinzhou tourism board put on a big to do in front of the local mall to mark the occasion. I am not sure about other areas in China but around here they love to put up stages in front of malls and give speeches and release balloons – even when it is -12°c.


This is where the strawberries are grown – acres and acres of greenhouses – it is a surreal sight. They let us loose in one and we grazed from one end to another and cleaned them out.


During one of our evenings in Prague over Christmas we took a spooky evening walking tour of Prague Castle. This was our guide and he was spooky too. I can imagine him going home every night to his equally spooky girlfriend and talking about the assholes he had to drag up hill and down dale all night. Fun fact, we saw two people fall down the stairs during this tour.


Right now, Prague is in my top-five all-time favorite cities. The other four are Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and San Francisco…just in case you were wondering.


I still have to write about our trip to Bangalore in India. I am sort of letting that story ferment a little while. It wasn’t my favorite place in the world so I am hoping after some time I will forget the crummy bits. However, despite its stray dogs and dodgy characters it is still a beautiful place.


Did I mention that the millipedes in Bangalore are as long and as thick as a magic marker? Hard as a damn rock too.


Lastly, here is an older picture from a winter hike we did a month or so ago for the magazine. We are supposed to do another this week for the next issue so I hope to be able to provide you with some more fantastic views of the city where I live. Come again soon and tell your friends.


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