Update and Request from Afield HQ – Spring 2018


These are a few of my favorite things…

Even though it is snowing here in Boston preparations are underway for a few upcoming warm weather trips – one quick run to Dallas and then another not-so-quick run to Belize, where we are meeting up with the rest of our travel team to explore, hike, dive, point cameras at everything, and run up an ungodly bar bill wherever we go. Good times.

Meanwhile, in order to do more research on our upcoming destinations…

…I was hoping to get some input from anyone who has been either to Belize or the Yucatan in Mexico. We are interested in seeing Mayan ruins, villages, beautiful landscapes, beaches, and bars as well as any lesser-known diving, snorkeling, or wildlife areas. Also, if there are things we should absolutely avoid like tourist traps or dangerous areas we should probably know about that as well. If you or anyone you know have the goods just drop us a line here at your leisure.

Dallas, I will see you next week and if any of you would like to get together to shoot while I am there please let me know as my schedule is not filling up quickly at all and I will probably end up roaming around by myself looking like a shady guy with a camera.

Thanks for coming by Afield and tell your friends…


Peter Molgaard

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