Dallas – Spring

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Ah, springtime in Dallas. One day it is 89 degrees and the next it is 32. Naturally, we arrived on one of the coldest April weekends Dallas has seen in quite some time.  But, being people who aren’t easily daunted (one must never be daunted) we did our best to make the weekend successful – and by successful, I mean that we got re-acquainted with our favorite bartenders and ate a lot of food and bitched about how cold it was.

My office for four days.

Once the chill of the weekend had passed I was able to get quite a bit of work done just west of Downtown Dallas in the Trinity River Reservation as well as one day shooting a parking garage downtown – I chose to work down near the river because now that the flood waters have receded and the grasses mowed it is a great place to search out weird wading birds and be mostly alone in a metro area that appears to be trying for an urban sprawl record. As is usually the case I worked alone except for the day shooting the parking garage with my photo partner, Luci.

Below are a few of the keepers that I made  – keep in mind that in the four days I spent down there I walked over 40 miles and took 500+ photos, most of which were absolute and complete shit. However, any day making crap photos out in the wide open spaces is better than, well, damn near everything. Enjoy!

First, let us begin with a few of my favorites from the Neiman Marcus parking garage in downtown Dallas. We paid to park there so we could walk all over and pretend like we owned the place. Afterwards, we went up the street for a bowl of pho and a few drinks to calm Luci’s nerves as she is no fan of heights. It did not keep her from getting her shots though.

Mmm, Sinister.

It’s kind of like walking on a big unspooled ribbon.

Probably my favorite of the day. The center core, even though filthy, had a cathedral vibe to it.

And now a few favorites from down near the river.  I initially wanted to shoot more of the herons and egrets that dot the fields along the river but the birds are easily spooked by my not-so-graceful stealth techniques. Also I didn’t have nearly enough zoom power on the Fuji so I made do with some good landscape shots and a few minimal black and whites that make me happy.

The days started pretty early during our stay. One morning a guy was flying a drone outside the hotel – he probably saw me naked.

Flowers are always a good starting subject for me – I have to start shooting immediately when I get out otherwise I just take a walk with a camera.

Not quite #puddlegram worthy.

I am pro-bike share but I hated seeing how many of these bikes lay in heaps around the city. The Blue Heron in back said it went to hell when LimeBike came to town.

This guy wasn’t all that keen to get his photo taken – perhaps he was skipping work.

Framing Helps

I think Dallas looks kind of like a Jetson’s city – totally space agey.

Just for the record, I like street art and graffiti.

And now for some minimal architectural stuff to soothe your bad-news-addled minds.



Similar to above but better?

Going up

Looking up.


A few anecdotes from this trip –

*A down-on-his-luck guy asked me for money outside the hotel and when I asked how much he needed he replied with a straight face “Oh, $20 would be a good start but $40 would be better” This was after he opened with the line “Are you Canadian?”.

*I drunk dialed someone for the first time in a decade and it didn’t go over well. It will be another decade before I do that again.

*I passed 1,000 followers on Instagram and I still realize that social media is just a tool, not a lifestyle nor a truthful indication of how a person lives their life.

*I learned twice during this trip that pre-flight hangovers are stupid. However, I have not utilized that knowledge and will probably do it again next trip.

*During our stay there was a Comic-Con and a state volleyball tournament going on at the convention center next door to the hotel, which meant that sports moms and comic moms were forced to co-mingle.

That’s it, thanks for coming by Afield, tell your friends all about it, buy prints for your walls, and remember that…


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