Remember the Holidays?


We sure as hell do! It is hard to believe that we are starting our second month of this fresh new year. We came back from our holiday island sojourn with renewed vigor and hit January with all we had. Now, going into February, Blondie and I need a little reminder of what it was like to be lazy and cheerful and warm (currently -16C). Keep reading to discover fun(ny) things about our time south of the Equator at Six Senses Fiji (not a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t mind if it were ;})

Mmm, nice. Do you know how many Bloody Marys it takes to get to Fiji? I do.

Something happens to me between super long flights. I forget how much I don’t like super long flights. I am sure I don’t need to run down a list of air travel gripes for you, my adored readers, but I think we would all agree that a good starting point would be to make everything on the plane at least three inches taller/wider. We will put my ideas for what airports could do to improve aside, for the time being, and just say that the best part of our entire set of flights was the bit with the helicopter..


Once we landed in Nadi, Fiji, we took this bad boy up and over to Malolo Island. The couple pictured was smart and bought duty-free liquor. The lady was so scared to ride in this thing that I expected her to spontaneously combust. She didn’t.

Rather than take a bus and a boat to the island we were able to snag a chopper to and from the airport, which I must say, is f__king awesome. After a short wait in the terminal and a ten minute flight we were welcomed by the staff at Six Senses Fiji and ushered right to a table where we had a champagne breakfast. It was exactly what we needed after a long trip (besides a bath – due to crossing the date line and the length of flights the trip took two days and we were, uh, Funky).


I like the war clubs in the sign. They tell me that you should come here and have a good time but if you get out of hand we get to clunk your nugget with one of these gnarly sticks.

Six Senses Fiji is a brand new resort, in fact, there are portions that are still being built but during our time there we rarely heard construction noise. What we did hear was breezes through palm leaves, myna birds with attitude, and waves lapping the white sand beach. The accommodations range from little one-bed villas all the way up to big-baller residences that could sleep Rhode Island. We settled for one of the ocean front villas with a little plunge pool for us to cool off in when we were too lazy to walk 20m to the ocean (we were too lazy, a lot). The villa itself was spacious and well-appointed and had an outside shower so we got to get naked outside, which is totally my jam. Side note, Fijians show a lot less skin than we do and it is forbidden to be naked in public, so, keep it in yer pants, Flash.


Why yes, there is a little something wonky with this panorama.

As I mentioned above, when we arrived we were whisked right to a meal because Fijians love to roll out the welcome mat and will keep rolling it out until you pass out. The two main restaurants kicked out some amazing eats and the portions even made me gasp – they turned the Feast of Seven Fishes up to 11. I knew when they put a dozen oysters in front of me that it was going to be one of those meals where you should win a t-shirt if you finish it. I did not finish it.

This meal made me sweaty.

When cool kids hear the word Fiji, the coolest amongst them will know that Fiji is famous for surfing, and the world-class Cloudbreak surf spot is very near the resort, but alas, we kept our activities to diving, snorkelling, and extreme reading. I think that Blondie finished off three books during her time away – one of which was the 815-page Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is impressive and, honestly, super sexy. We were only able to go diving once because Blondie had some inner-ear issues that left her near deaf on one side until the doctor fixed it. I will spare you any details on how he fixed it but it was…memorable. Here are a few of my favorite underwater shots taken over the course of the trip.

Unlike in Australia, the Maldives, and countless other places the coral here is holding up well and growing stronger.

I am a spaz on the surface and completely calm in the deep, naturally.


I shall call this one – Sea Star in Repose

Blondie taking a quick splash test in the pool to get used to the equipment.

The guys at TROPICSURF were very patient with us as we came up to speed and our dive guide went so far as to hold Blondie’s hand while she struggled with her ears. The spot they took us to is called Supermarket because there is a little of everything and we spent a solid hour in perfectly calm seas just being in the NOW. I’d like to be in the NOW a little more often, wouldn’t you?

I cannot sit and read as long as Blondie can so I spent a great deal of time shooting around the resort during the really hot hours when most people were under an umbrella somewhere – it was the first days of summer and the country was in the midst of a serious heatwave – close to 40 C.

That’s a Christmas tree made of coconut shells and it’s awesome. Also, Santa showed up on a jet ski and the kids all went absolutely apeshit, me included.

View of the whole resort from the helipad – there are still lots left if you are in the need for a vacation house.

Whoever is on that boat is fixin’ to have a good time.

Now that’s a serious tree and it took me a few tries to get it in the good light – looks like an older meaner cousin to the Whomping Willow

Soon to be the most photographed palm tree in Fiji.

Earlier I mentioned that Fijians welcome guests like no other people in the world – they also love to entertain, and if they don’t, they are sure good at faking it. Most of the time I would just kick back and soak everything up but I felt compelled to take a few pics (179) of the Polynesian Fire-Dancing crew that came through…

First a bit of hula-style dancing…

Then they started stuff on fire and the crowd went wild…

This is my favorite photo of the entire trip – it has a hushed stillness like we are all holding our breath til he has that thing under control…

This photo was exposed for .8 secs – that’s a lot of movement in less than a second, eh?

So, here we are near the end. I could cram another 25-30 view worthy photos down your throat but I think I will just leave you with a few parting sunsets before bidding you all adieu.

I stopped mid-meal and scooted down to the beach to try to get the sailboat directly beneath the sun – I didn’t scoot fast enough.


There it is, that’s the stuff.

I would like to thank the GM Jason, our GEM Boks, the food and beverage manager Lukas, Moji the bartender and everyone else that helped to make our stay as fun and safe as possible. We will be back!

Finally, thank you all for spending a little time here on Afield – I am infinitely grateful and would shake each and every one of your hands if I could. I am making an attempt to cut back on social media use and funnel more of my time into getting this page up to snuff as well as my portfolio, which will be finished soon, so if you reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram it may take a day or two to reply. And, with that, I shall say Bula!, til the next time…


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