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Hello old friends! This here website has been sitting rather idle lately due to the mother of all artist’s blocks. It is a problem I have had often over the years and the best way to work through it is to actually WORK through it – start making shit and see if the people like it. The first items being posted are my new portfolio pages. I am rolling out individual pages for the following types of photography: Architecture, Interiors, Cityscape, Street Photos, Travel and Nature, Humans, and maybe a wildcard page for uncategorized works that I like to make. The items contained within each page will change as new good stuff pours in (hopefully), and everything can be purchased as a print or digital download – the sales interface will come a bit later, but if you see something you like just email me and we can work out a deal. Think of it as a bespoke photo store where the coolest kids shop.

I have relied too much on Instagram, its users, and it’s wonky algorithm as my only artistic outlet for far too long. It is time to show more high quality content here, which should be easy since we just moved to New York City where there is cool stuff happening ALL THE TIME (seriously, this town doesn’t stop ever). Don’t worry though, there will still be a six-times-weekly post on Instagram until Zuckerberg and company try to “fix” it again (it still irks the hell out of me that we can’t see everything chronologically – bastards!).

Lastly, if any of you, my lovely readers, have anything you would like to see more or less of on Afield, please feel free to reach out to me. Ultimately, this platform should be a two-way communicator – a collaboration between me and the wider world and by golly I want some discourse and engagement so comment and email and reach out as much as you can and I will be here to reply. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.




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