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Westward in Comfort and Style

There were bad decisions made that fateful night in 2010, right TMO?

The last time Blondie and I went camping, biblical rain showers mixed with a shallow bowl-shaped campsite caused our little haven beneath the trees to become a giant pain in my swamp-ass. That next morning, after a near-mutinous and soggy night, we packed up everything in silence and, upon arrival at our place in the city, we deposited the sodden muddy fabric of our camping kit directly into the dumpster. That, according to Blondie, was the end of that BS – no more sleeping on the ground – that was Summer 2010.

Since then, our many outdoor ventures together have been cabin or lodge based – usually near a bar –  and that seems to suit us both as we like a bit of pampering and a stiff drink after a day of adventuring (who doesn’t?). Our most recent trip to Big Sur was, however, a departure from the norm in that we were going to get back into a tent, but this time a tent with a bed and lights and a sink with fresh running water. Yes, we decided to give glamping a try.  Ech! Personally, I cannot stand the moniker “glamping” as it implies that this old mountain man has gone soft, but in reality it is a cloth cabin with a comfortable bed that is great after a long day of being outdoors. Depending on the campground, you still get to do all the fun campfire stuff, you still need to be vigilant about forest creatures running off with the Doritos (seriously, guard those chips), and, in our case, you still get to be nestled into a mountain niche under a tall stand of coastal redwoods, but you get to do it all with comfort and style and there is absolutely nothing wrong with comfort and style.

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The View From Up There

One of my very first digital aerial photos from a flight over Iowa back in 2005. I believe it was taken with a 1.5mp Nikon.

One of my very first digital aerial photos from a flight over Iowa back in 2005. I believe it was taken with a 1.5mp Nikon hence the grain and weird colors.

I recently saw a post on Atlas Obscura by an airline pilot who wrote a book about his job/life (I like the idea of a book-worthy occupation), and in the introduction he displayed window seat photos that were sent in to him by airline passengers. Having taken seemingly countless flights around the world, I too have amassed a large collection of window seat photos since first purchasing a digital camera back in 2004. I’ve always kind of considered these photographs to be a bit of a cliché, but I continue to shoot them anyways because the world looks very beautiful and foreign from way up there. Here is a collection of some of my favorites in chronological order from 2005 until just a few weeks ago. I hope that you enjoy them.
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