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Island Time: Belize

Mmm, so blue.

Once again we braved airports, planes the size of VW Beetles, and a boat ride to arrive on Coco Plum Island Resort (who is not paying for this post), a 16 acre speck of an island just off the coast of Dangriga Town, Belize. The resort is home to 18 cabanas of varying sizes, one over-water bungalow, a main office/restaurant/bar area, and a dormitory area for the workers. Other than that there are some hearty trees, sand, sun, the occasional water bird swooping in to say hey, and two resident crocodiles (one of which is named Rebecca). The resort is small, simple, and perfect. Read more

Dallas – Spring

As always, click the pic to make it large. Resolution is at 50% to deter theft. Full Resolution shots are always available for sale.

Ah, springtime in Dallas. One day it is 89 degrees and the next it is 32. Naturally, we arrived on one of the coldest April weekends Dallas has seen in quite some time.  But, being people who aren’t easily daunted (one must never be daunted) we did our best to make the weekend successful – and by successful, I mean that we got re-acquainted with our favorite bartenders and ate a lot of food and bitched about how cold it was.

My office for four days.

Once the chill of the weekend had passed I was able to get quite a bit of work done just west of Downtown Dallas in the Trinity River Reservation as well as one day shooting a parking garage downtown – I chose to work down near the river because now that the flood waters have receded and the grasses mowed it is a great place to search out weird wading birds and be mostly alone in a metro area that appears to be trying for an urban sprawl record. As is usually the case I worked alone except for the day shooting the parking garage with my photo partner, Luci.

Below are a few of the keepers that I made  – keep in mind that in the four days I spent down there I walked over 40 miles and took 500+ photos, most of which were absolute and complete shit. However, any day making crap photos out in the wide open spaces is better than, well, damn near everything. Enjoy!

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Update and Request from Afield HQ – Spring 2018


These are a few of my favorite things…

Even though it is snowing here in Boston preparations are underway for a few upcoming warm weather trips – one quick run to Dallas and then another not-so-quick run to Belize, where we are meeting up with the rest of our travel team to explore, hike, dive, point cameras at everything, and run up an ungodly bar bill wherever we go. Good times.

Meanwhile, in order to do more research on our upcoming destinations…

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Keep Moving Forward –>


Dear World,

Here I am again, sitting at the old typing machine thinking that maybe I might have something to say after a long silence. Since my last post in August of 2016 a lot of our world has changed, and not necessarily for the better. Our environmental and political systems are on the brink, international friendliness is at an all time low, and frankly, people worldwide are getting really good at being greedy Pigs.

In an attempt to help bring back a little wonder and beauty to this weird world of ours, I am going to be posting more photos, stories, videos, and behind the scenes content here on Afield rather than wasting time wading into the cesspool that is social media. That being said, I will still post my daily photo to FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and Tumblr for those of you who are still using those sites, but my interaction will be limited.

Along with more content I will also be showing my progress on a book that I am working on (agonizing over) that I hope to have finished this fall. Lastly, I will have a portfolio page open soon where you can buy prints and help me feel like I am not wasting my time doing all of this work.

That is all I have for now, but in the meantime stay in touch, be cool to one another, and keep moving forward—–>


Peter Molgaard


An Afternoon Above Hong Kong

I shared this video on my Facebook page awhile back, but now that I can post videos on this website I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring back a one of my favorite time lapses. This was shot from the 32nd floor of the Regal Hotel near Causeway Bay/Victoria Park, Hong Kong. I was in the city for two weeks and it rained nearly every day but it was still one of the best times ever. Enjoy.


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