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A Week in Phuket: Briefly

I want to go back to Thailand.

I want to go back to Thailand.

It’s the afternoon Golden Hour here in Dalian and instead of roaming the streets looking for good shots I am sitting at my desk happily writing about something we did last month – or has it been two months? It doesn’t matter really. The combination of age and Asia has conspired to make the time go faster for us since we’ve arrived in China. Neither Blondie nor I are used to the amount of daily input we are getting from our new surroundings. In Texas I had to find things to do with friends in order to write this blog (we know how well that went, don’t we), but here I can’t go for groceries without having at least two paragraphs ready to cram in my journal. Does it sound like I am showing off a little? Am I employing the humble brag beyond the appropriate threshold? Yes, Yes I am, but I assume you don’t check in on Afield to hear about how well I am doing in Chinese Class (ech, not great – it’s giving me dreams about junior high math), or that Blondie works more hours than most teams do (Teams!). So, I will get on with it and show you some of the sights from our recent trip to Thailand, Phuket to be exact. Read more

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