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Searching Seoul

My very first video on Afield. I set the camera to shoot the intersection below our hotel, went to bed, and this is what I had in the morning. I am accepting suggestions on which music to add to it.

This past summer, long before the Siberian winds started keeping me indoors for days at a time, we made a quick weekend trip to Seoul, South Korea for some shopping and a little dose of the western world (and Mexican food). Blondie, being the family travel agent, made the reservations and bought the tickets well ahead of the trip, but, unbeknownst to her, at around the same time some cosmic jackhole didn’t wash his hands and brought a terrifying infectious disease (MERS, also known as Camel Flu) to one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world. The fallout and general madness that followed the outbreak gave us a little pause – should we be like the 100,000+ other tourists who said “f__k that!” and cancel our plans or should we just go and see what happens? Read more

Update From The East Side

Good morning everyone. I had grand plans to fill you all in on a rather trying flight we took recently from Hong Kong to Dalian, but since I am on day two of a two-day hangover it came out sounding forced and contained to many curse words. I had Blondie (who is also on day two) give it a once over to make sure I wasn’t being hard on myself and her only comment was that it wasn’t funny – not a terribly glowing review. I am going to put it aside for now and join it up with a summary of our Christmas trip to Europe, which I will get to you soon. In the meantime I’d like to show you a few photos I have been working on – sort of an appetizer for you, the loyal and or bored reader.
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In Love with Hong Kong

Just some regular storefronts in Causeway Bay

Just some regular storefronts in Causeway Bay

The title of this post says it all. I love Hong Kong and it is my current all-time favorite city on this planet. That town gets me – if I want to go out and shoot beautiful scenery or grubby street shots, they are right there. If I want to go out until five in the morning with some crazy Kiwi that I met at an American bar, then I most certainly can (and I did, twice – that guy was what we would call a character – an older Dean Moriarity type who believes the global shit is about to hit the fan and by the end of the second night I believed he was right). If I want to eat tacos for breakfast, dim sum for lunch, and a burger for dinner, I can, and I must add here that finding good crispy tacos in this hemisphere is not an easy task. You don’t miss things like crispy tacos, macaroni and cheese, proper BBQ, or a reasonably priced steak until they aren’t there anymore. Luckily, you can find all of those things in Hong Kong plus an entire galaxy of other stuff you absolutely do not need but want anyways – because if there is one thing I have learned in my 39 years is that excess and self-destruction are fun. Read more

Chinese New Year

Renmin Road near midnight.

Renmin Road near midnight.

Chinese New Years day was last Thursday, the 19th of February. Much like new years celebrations in the west the night before is a time to gather with friends and family so we can eat, drink, and set shit on fire in the streets at midnight. Ok, so maybe we don’t set off tons of explosives in the streets on New Years Eve in the west, but we should really think about doing it from now on because it is awesome. Our personal celebration was pretty low-key compared to the locals. We had a late nap, a nice big dinner, tacos I think – very Chinese, and sat around waiting for midnight to come so we could grab the cameras and hit the streets looking for action. We didn’t go far because our hotel, as well as many in the district, had fireworks displays of their own – and by fireworks displays I mean they block off a section of the main road in town, The People’s Road, set out scores of boxes containing 20-50 mortars apiece, and then light them up at the stroke of 00:00. Read more

Afield in China


Greetings to those of you who still follow this blog. I apologize for the lack of posts but, like a Jedi, I have been working to master my crafts in seclusion near my home in the southern US since last April. While there have been a few adventures worth writing about since April I have resisted either because I am lazy or, well, I just wasn’t in the mood to share. However, that is about to change folks because last month my wife, Blondie, and I sold most of our belongings, put the rest in storage, and packed our bags for China. As I write this I am sitting at a desk with a view on an upper floor of a residential hotel in the northeastern city of Dalian. The reason we are here is because my wife is smart and hardworking and willing to take on positions that sit way outside of her comfort level, and, luckily for me, she brought me along for the ride. In short, I married well. I know you may be asking yourself at this point what I am going to do while in country; I am going to explore and write and take pictures of cool stuff and give Blondie all the support she needs on her new endeavor. Also, I am going to fill this here blog with interesting stories so that you can read it while you are avoiding responsibilities of your own. Read more

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